MomaSoft: digital transformation consultancy

MomaSoft is a software development company that offers consultancy for digital transformation, in particular in the design and implementation of DAM (Digital Asset management) solutions.

For about 15 years we have been supporting companies, photo agencies, public and cultural bodies, providing the suitable technology to make remote collaboration processes more efficient for multimedia content management.


Services for the digital transformation process

It is now well known that digital transformation is essential for anyone who carries out any type of business. Smartworking has become part of our daily lives and the choice of softwares that allows access to digital assets in the cloud, from any location and at any time, can no longer be postponed.

MomaSoft supports companies in strategic decisions regarding the use of technology for an improvement at managerial/organizational level. In particular, for digital content management, consultancy ranges in several areas:

Web migration of photographic archives, with definition of how to organize images and metadata
Solutions for streaming and managing video in the cloud
Personalization of digital asset management to adapt to specific workflows
E-commerce for the sale of images and video
Integration of Artificial Intelligence technologies for automatic tagging, such as facial recognition and OCR
Email marketing tools and sharing images and videos from the digital archive
Tools for automatic distribution of multimedia contents
Data security, hardware architecture and backup

Agile, UX and UI development of MomaSoft software

The design of MomaSoft software is based on agile methodology and attention to the UX (User Experience) and the UI (User Interface).

Customers are actively involved from the earliest stages of development, to facilitate a comparison of business requirements and to design a customized and functional solution to specific workflows.

The use of the Scrum framework allows the focus on the company's priorities, which are released as prototypes to be tested and improved on the basis of the constant flow of user feedback.

The result is a user-friendly software that is quickly adopted in the company, setting the basis for long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Software to support digital strategy

The software developed by MomaSoft supports the digital strategy, laying the foundations for efficient management and sharing of creative assets.

MomaPIX DAM Software

MomaPIX DAM software is the digital asset management solution for companies, photo agencies, public and cultural bodies.

Best gift to yourself
Software as a Service flexible by-design
Bring magic to your app
Advanced functions for innovative business models
Mak your business fly
Artificial intelligence to simplify processes

MomaBlast to distribute multimedia content

MomaBlast system is designed for companies that need to distribute digital content via the web to their partners.

Best gift to yourself
Easy to use. Ideal for photos, videos and documents
Bring magic to your app
Scalable, simultaneous fast delivery even on dozens of remote servers
Mak your business fly
Pay for what you use, suitable for small and large organizations

Become a partner or reseller of MomaPIX DAM software

Being resellers of MomaPIX DAM software allows those who deal with web consultancy to offer a quality solution, made in Italy, for all the problems related to the storage, promotion and sale of multimedia content.

Being part of MomaSoft's network of certified partners allows you to get in touch with new customers who need graphics, IT consulting and web marketing.

If you are interested in becoming a MomaSoft reseller or partner, you can contact us at the following address:

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Via A. Da Giussano 62/D - Roma


(+39) 06 4521 4668


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